Headquartered in HaNoi, VietNam, serving the fitness needs of men and women around the world, KT company focuses on quality products, competitive prices and friendly service with every purchase. A quality multifunctional pull up bar will help you stronger and healthier, increase height for kids, protect your spine, prevent and treat back pain, and support you hang any thing. As one of industry’s most reputable suppliers of home fitness equipment, we have been carrying out our mission to provide high quality and intelligent products to help people healthy, happy and more youthful looking.


Intellectual property license in US

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The KT Folding Stand Frame is my brainchild !

In 1999, i started “pull-up” exercise at 15 years old on a horizontal tree branch in my family’s garden to improve my height. Thanks to hard practicing for many years, i gained more 14cm. Daily “pull-up” exercise not only helped me increase height faster, but also helped me stronger, have a “six-pack” muscular body and relieve back pain due to sitting too much (when i was a bank’s employee since 2006).

After a storm unexpectedly broke my natural workout equipment and disrupted my daily workout routine, I went to work building its replacement, using my mechanical and design skills, along with knowledge of general physics. I want a self-designed product that has the characteristics that I need. The KT folding stand frame (1st version) was born.

Mr. Khanh Trinh (Founder & CEO)

Understanding the benefits of pull-up exercise, realizing that people living in city are hard to have a really good pull up bar for workouts, i decided to bring my newly designed product to market. In 2010, i built a website and sold the KT folding stand frame online in VietNam. In 2013, when i was 29, the product had become so popular in VietNam that i quit my bank job to focus on my own business. I set up my own company, and continued to improve product by many newer versions. In a short time, Khanh Trinh become the leading brand of pull up bar free standing in Vietnam.

In 2017, i decided to export products abroad. My products have been loved by international customers because they meet their needs for quality multifunctional home workout equipments.

Up to now, my products came to customers in more than 50 countries and I am still doing my best to develop the KT Khanh Trinh Brand internationally. Everything’s just the beginning! I’m continuing to realize my dreams.