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Many are apprehensive about purchasing on a company’s website, preferring the protection offered by platforms like Amazon. Even if the company’s website offers lower prices (due to no Amazon fees), they opt for Amazon. I understand that mindset of the buyers; it’s completely natural and reasonable.

That’s why we always try to stock our products on Amazon and use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

However, for the KT1.1520 model, we currently can’t stock it in Amazon’s FBA warehouses due to its size and weight exceeding Amazon’s standards. We can only reach customers through this website,

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Please be mindful of your purchase. Some customers wish to return products because of their weight – despite us clearly stating the product weight. Others want to return products because they aren’t 100% sturdy – even though we clearly state: ‘Sturdy means 93% wobble is removed. Not 100% stable.’ If you require absolute sturdiness (0% wobble), please consider other products. Do not buy our products to ‘try them out’ and then ask us to bear the return shipping cost.

We never claim our products are completely sturdy (0% wobble). Even military pull-up bars, anchored in the ground at four corners with steel wires, cannot achieve 0% wobble. Our products, however, are portable and easy to assemble. We can confidently say that our products are among the sturdiest self-standing pull-up bars in the market. Many Professional Calisthenics / Street workout Athletes have confirmed this. Here are some videos of our product in use:

Some customers wish to return products because they ‘bought by mistake’ or ‘no longer need’, yet they are reluctant to pay for the return shipping or restocking fee. We have even received one-star reviews on Amazon from buyers upset about being charged a restocking fee for damaged returned products.

Consider the ethics of these actions. For us, they appear very selfish. These individuals consciously avoid responsibility for their decisions and actions. If they made a mistake or no longer need the product, why should we bear the high two-way shipping costs of more than 200 USD, and refund them in full without a restocking fee?

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5-Year Limited Warranty

We appreciate your interest in the products and services of KT Khanh Trinh (KHANH TRINH JOINT STOCK COMPANY). This Limited Warranty pertains to physical goods exclusively purchased from,, and our legal partners.

What does this limited warranty cover?

This Limited Warranty encompasses any defects in materials or workmanship under normal usage conditions during the Warranty Period. Throughout this period, Khanh Trinh will repair or replace, free of charge, products or parts of a product that are found to be defective due to faulty materials or workmanship, under regular use and maintenance.

What will we do to rectify the issues?

Khanh Trinh will repair the product free of charge, using new or refurbished replacement parts.

How long does the coverage extend?

The Warranty Period for physical goods purchased from KT KHANH TRINH extends to 5 years from the date you receive the product(s).

What does this limited warranty not include?

This Limited Warranty does not include any issues caused by conditions, malfunctions, or damage not resulting from defects in material or workmanship.

Warranty Policy:

1. Any component of the product that becomes defective or is damaged due to manufacturing during the warranty period will be replaced free of charge.

2. We disclaim responsibility or will charge a fee in the following cases:

– Rust on parts of the product due to long-term exposure to weather elements such as rain, sunshine, or snow.

– Paint peeling.

– The foam grip may tear during use. If it’s torn upon receipt due to a manufacturing defect, it will be replaced free of charge. However, we do not warranty it if it tears during your use, as foam is not a highly durable material.

– Broken or lost bolts or screw nuts.

– Bent tube(s) due to overload or product misuse.

– Deformation of the product due to external factors.

– The product has been altered or repaired without Khanh Trinh Company’s consent.

– Warranty registration was not completed.

– Incorrect warranty registration information.

What steps should you take?

To avail of warranty service, you first need to contact us at [email protected]. We will help identify the problem and guide you to the most suitable solution.

About 15-30 minutes if you follow our installation instruction step-by-step. All accessories (bolts, nuts, rubber pads…) are included in the box.

We understand that customers are always seeking high-quality products at affordable prices. Thus, our pricing strategy carefully balances between offering our customers a fair price and maintaining our business’s sustainability.

As a manufacturer based in Vietnam, exporting our products, especially heavy ones, to various countries, entails considerable costs, including shipping, customs fees, storage, and marketing expenses. These expenses prevent us from setting lower prices that would jeopardize our business continuity. Hence, we set our prices at a level that ensures the longevity of our business and upholds our commitment to providing high-quality products.

Despite this, we offer several ways for customers to avail of our products at a more affordable price:

+ Group Purchase: Organize a group buy with friends or family. We offer discounts for orders of more than two units. Please contact us for more details.

+ Repeat Purchase: If you’re considering buying our products again in the future, whether for personal use or as a gift, we offer discounts for repeat customers. Just contact us and provide your previous Order ID.

+ Purchase of Returned Products: Occasionally, we offer returned items at discounted prices due to their limited availability. Please contact us if you’re interested.

Rest assured, you can install the product effectively by following the provided installation instructions (a paper copy included in the box) or by watching our tutorial video at

Each KT folding stand frame set comprises different types of bars, each with a unique shape. You just need to carefully match the shape of each bar from the image in the installation instructions with the actual bars. Following these steps will guarantee a successful installation.

If you encounter any difficulties during the installation, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We strive to provide support as promptly as possible.

Absolutely. We’ve witnessed customers nearly 80 years old or youngsters as young as 12 successfully set up this product on their own. They’ve followed our instructions, understood them, and acted accordingly. Therefore, I believe that for an average adult, assembling this product is not complicated at all !

You won’t need any additional equipment or tools to assist with the assembly. You can simply assemble it by hand. The package includes all the necessary accessories for your assembly, such as bolts, screw nuts, rubber pads…

Answer: You can perform these actions after do some necessary protection methods (for safety) such as: put heavy things on the legs of KT folding stand frame (example, 4 sand bags, total weight each side is heavier than your body weight), ask 2 people to hold the legs, or drill and screw the legs to the ground… Because KT folding stand frames are placed on the floor without being fixed to the ground, and have lightweight structure (for easy moving, folding) so if you don’t do the protection methods but still perform these actions, it may be dangerous for you (the legs can be lifted off the ground and the KT folding stand frame may topple over).

Normally, you should only swing/fly in the area formed by 4 legs of the KT folding stand frame


Answer: You can place it anywhere you want. But you should keep it indoor to avoid rain and snow for long-term use. Because it’s made from Alloy Steel (main component is iron (FE)) , not from stainless steel (inox). All tubes are coated (Powder Coating) outside, not inside. If rain water or snow enters inside of tubes via holes, it will make the tubes rusted inside. Product will be damaged rapidly from the inside

1 – Do not stand on the distance-setting-bars

By design, 02 distance-setting-bars are only used to set the spread range of the KT stand frame without bearing force. Therefore, we use thin thickness steel tubes for production – in order to reduce the total weight of the pull up bar frame

Standing on the distance-setting-bars will bend them – their length can no longer be adjusted (smaller bar cannot be inserted deeply inside the bigger bar)

2 – Should not place the KT pull up bar stand in the rain or snow

KT folding pull up bar is made of ALLOY STEEL, powder coated. NOT made of galvanized steel or stainless steel.

Because the main component of ALLOY STEEL is iron (FE) with other metals added to increase hardness and durability, the KT pull up bar will rust if it is placed in the rain or snow for a long time. Due to rain water entering through the holes into the inside of the tubes (which are not powder coated) and destroying the product from the inside

Therefore, you should use and store the product indoors or cover it with large tarps if using it outdoors for long-term use. We do not provide a warranty when you leave products in rain or snow for a long time, rusting the frame, bolts and nuts


In our descriptions and recommendations, we frequently use terms such as handle bar, leg, distance-setting-bar, spread range, normal position by design (for mounting the distance-setting-bars)…

This may complicate comprehension if you’re unable to visualize these components. Here’s an illustrative breakdown to help you understand these terms:

1 – The term “Max height by design” : 

“Max height by design” refers to the height of the KT stand frame when you set all four legs to their longest setting, adjust the two distance-setting-bars to their longest, and then mount these bars in their normal position by design

This is the maximum height of the handle-bar as designed for users to perform common movements safely.

Please note that “Max height by design” is not the maximum height of the KT stand frame in actual use.

Because if you set 04 legs at the longest level, but shorten the 02 distance-setting-bars and mount them in the normal position by design. At that time, the spread range of the frame is narrowed and the frame will be higher. But, the firmness of the pull up bar will be reduced, less safe

2- The term “Min height by design” :

“Min height by design” refers to the height of the KT stand frame when you set all four legs to their shortest setting and the two distance-setting-bars to their shortest, then mount the distance-setting-bar in its normal position by design

Please note that “Min height by design” is not the lowest height of the KT stand frame in actual use. If you set the distance-setting-bars longer, the height will decrease.

3 – The term “Max load capacity”:

“Max load capacity” refers to the maximum weight the product can bear during a SPECIFIC TRAINING SESSION.

For example, the KT pull up bar stand model KT1.1518 has a max load capacity of 200kgs. This means if a user with a total weight of 200kgs performs pull-ups, body swings etc., at THAT SPECIFIC MOMENT, the KT1.1518 pull up bar can withstand the entire weight and other forces without bending or collapsing

However, over the LONG TERM, if a user weighing more than 100kgs regularly practices with this model, it could lead to bending of the handle-bar or deterioration of the entire frame. Thus, the KT pull up bar Model KT1.1518 is recommended for users under 100kgs.

You can adjust the height of the KT folding A-frame stand in three ways:

Adjustment Method 1: Modify the Length of the Four Legs

Each leg is composed of two sections: an upper section with a smaller outer diameter and a lower section with a larger outer diameter. It works similarly to an antenna. To adjust the length of each leg, which in turn alters the height of the frame, align one of the holes on the upper section with a hole on the lower section and insert a bolt through them.

To decrease the height of the handle-bar, simply slide the upper section deeper into the lower section, align the holes, and secure with a bolt. Conversely, to raise the height, extend the upper section out from the lower one

Adjustment Method 2: Alter the Spread Range of the KT Stand Frame

The distance-setting-bar operates in a similar way to an antenna, with a smaller bar that can be inserted into a larger one to adjust length. By aligning the holes between the smaller and larger bars and inserting a bolt through the aligned holes, you can fix the length of the distance-setting-bar. 

You can make the spread range wider or narrower by adjusting the length of the two distance-setting-bars or by attaching them to the holes in higher positions than the default design

Adjustment Method 3: Combination of Method 1 and 2