Return policy

We – the seller and also manufacturer – Khanh Trinh – are committed to delivering products as described.

Please read the product description/specifications carefully. If any details are unclear, feel free to ask questions or contact us for answers before placing your order. Strive to visualize the product specifications accurately, and consult thoroughly with your spouse or the intended gift recipient to ensure they are also satisfied with our products.

Our products are heavy and incur significant shipping costs. Returning such heavy items may result in damage or torn packaging during transit due to negligent shipping staff or improper repackaging by buyers. We may impose a restocking fee for products returned in less than perfect condition. Hence, please avoid returns that may lead to damage.

Please be mindful of your purchase. Some customers wish to return products because of their weight – despite us clearly stating the product weight. Others want to return products because they aren’t 100% sturdy – even though we clearly state: ‘Sturdy means 93% wobble is removed. Not 100% stable.’ If you require absolute sturdiness (0% wobble), please consider other products. Do not buy our products to ‘try them out’ and then ask us to bear the return shipping cost.

We never claim our products are completely sturdy (0% wobble). Even military pull-up bars, anchored in the ground at four corners with steel wires, cannot achieve 0% wobble. Our products, however, are portable and easy to assemble. We can confidently say that our products are among the sturdiest self-standing pull-up bars in the market. Many Professional Calisthenics / Street workout Athletes have confirmed this. Here are some videos of our product in use:

Some customers wish to return products because they ‘bought them by mistake’ or ‘no longer need them,’ yet they are reluctant to pay for the return shipping or restocking fee. We have even received one-star reviews on Amazon from buyers upset about being charged a restocking fee for damaged returned products.

Consider the ethics of these actions. For us, they appear self-centered. These individuals consciously avoid responsibility for their decisions and actions. If they made a mistake or no longer need the product, why should we bear the high two-way shipping costs of more than 200 USD, and refund them in full without a restocking fee?

Thus, we kindly request that you act responsibly when buying. Remember, God is always watching. Be kind, even in the simplest things like purchasing. God will bless you and your family. Please treat us, the sellers, with fairness and respect, ensuring a positive transaction for both parties.

Here is our return policy:

1. If you receive a product that is genuinely not as described, we will fully refund you and cover the return shipping cost.

2. If the product is defective or damaged, please send us videos or images for inspection. We will send you replacement parts free of charge or issue a refund without requiring a return. If you still wish to return the product, please refer to policy number 3 below.

3. If you wish to return the product(s) due to personal reasons (for example, you did not carefully read the product description, or the product is not suitable, or your spouse disagrees with your purchase…):

* Please cover the return shipping cost.

* We will inspect the returned item(s) and refund you according to the item(s)’ condition.

We sincerely wish that product returns are never necessary!

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